The XXX Files, Oct 08 2017


Foxy Smoulder and Agent Slutty are going deep to uncover the truth! Join us as we discover the best (and worst) of science fiction TV and Movies. Let’s go where no man has gone before! Prepare to be probed!

For this special event Polly Superstar, the founder of Kinky Salon, will be flying in to co-host alongside the newly revamped team in our glamorous new venue.

Secret Agents, Aliens, Men in Black, Little Green Men, Robots. Be inspired by your favorite sci-fi TV and movies: Plan 9 from Outer Space, Starman, Alien Vs Predator, 5th Element, Avatar, ET, Barbarella, Logan’s Run, Flash Gordon, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Dune, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Forbidden Planet, Galaxy Quest, Forbidden Planet, and your favorite X-Files episodes. Absolutely no jeans or sportswear allowed.

SUNDAY Oct 08 2017 (You don’t have work the next day it’s a 3 day weekend!)
Doors open at 8pm (Come early to enjoy our ice breakers)
Doors close at 11pm (NO ENTRY AFTER 11PM)
Event ends at 1am

Kinky Salon Portland is a local chapter of a global sex culture community. We promote sexual liberation by hosting community gatherings where sex is integrated into the social fabric of the events. Kinky Salons are parties. They are really, really fun parties with costumes, art, dancing, and performance, as well as areas where people can be playfully sexual. Creativity is the focus of the events, and sex is just one way to express yourself at a Kinky Salon. We call it a Sex Culture Revolution. Find out about our global community

All our events are run by a team of fabulous volunteers. Volunteering at Kinky Salon is a great way to meet people and get involved in the community, and participating gives you that warm squishy feeling of knowing you’re helping out the community you love. Remember—the volunteers are the VIPs of Kinky Salon, and without you the event wouldn’t happen, so THANK YOU. Volunteer by filling out the form at

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